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May 12, 2021

Extended Season 1 content. Ryan Costello of Know Direction has a deep dive discussion with Curt, who played Orok the Half-Orc Druid about season 1 and what is happening at Know Direction. Get exclusive DM and Player tips from the best! #ryancostello, #knowdirection, #gmtips, #dmtips, #gmmacleods, #playertips

May 5, 2021

Extended Season 1 content. Mark Moreland of Paizo has a deep dive discussion with Brett, The Rules God and GM MACLEODS about season 1 and what is happening at Paizo. Get DM tips from the best! Mark explains how he got to work at Paizo and gives some career advice. #paizo, #markmoreland, #gmtips, #dmtips, #gmmacleods,...

Apr 21, 2021

Join the cast and GM Macleods as they talk about the season.  What a year of playing!  Actually more than a year.  Celebrate us with as we talk about our favorite moments, get the behind the scenes and #onset conversations.  Even touching on the Afterlife and what we live for. What our beliefs of god are and the...

Apr 14, 2021

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Juliet Landau Stars in the final realplay RPG episode to season 1, join the FELLOWSHIP OF SOMETHING STUPID as they confront their biggest fight of all time!  WE are so proud of this episode of RPG realplay podcasts and we are excited to have you listen.  Find us at:

Apr 7, 2021

A very special episode where we edited through all the episodes to bring you the best of the season! Guest visitors, Leaving Richmond, our season 1 music sponsor and DM Ron! This is one of the most fun listening experiences that a real play rpg podcast can bring you.  If you like Critical Role, Glass Canon,...