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RPG All-Stars - The Loaded Dice Rollers

RPG All-Stars is home to Pathfinder, DnD, Star Wars, and Starfinder real play podcast. 

RPG All-Stars is a conglameration of the best actual play INDY rpg podcast that are all committed to movie quality audio, story, and improv acting. Each Episode is edited by an award winning editor and sound designer.  


Our current shows are:

The Loaded Dice Rollers

TPK, Total Party Kill

Star War's Not Another New Hope

Dudes and Dragons



Pathfinder Podcast, Pathfinder 2e podcast, Starfinder podcast, Star Wars Podcast. 

Aug 26, 2020

The Fellowship is excited to help Belmars Elven Army in the great Epp by holding the wall for the day. This episode is an amazing creation of what it would be like to be at war! I'm not telling you who wins:>

Aug 19, 2020

A really fun episode and the second of the Big Bear Sessions, the Cleric gets answers from the Lab as the Dwarves recovers from his hand being cut off from a critical hit.  The Lab head reveals the secrets to the spell “Sacrifice” and what is known about the Great Epp’s landscape. 

Aug 12, 2020

WHAT A GREAT TIME!! This is the First of the Big Bear Episodes, where LDR heads to Big Bear Lake to roll D20s!  In this episode, the Fellowship has a rough time with their new allies, but it all works out in the end.  Demon Battle!  Great Job to the Elven General!

Aug 5, 2020

GM MACLEODS almost kills the party. TPK.  As they make terrible choices and rolls around a Demon Army.  The fellowship gets split as some hide, some fall to charm, and some fall to bad planning! This is a can't miss episode in the likes of the Trolls Vs Bilbo in LOTR!  Rate us, leave a comment.