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RPG All-Stars - The Loaded Dice Rollers

RPG All-Stars is home to Pathfinder, DnD, Star Wars, and Starfinder real play podcast. 

RPG All-Stars is a conglameration of the best actual play INDY rpg podcast that are all committed to movie quality audio, story, and improv acting. Each Episode is edited by an award winning editor and sound designer.  


Our current shows are:

The Loaded Dice Rollers

TPK, Total Party Kill

Star War's Not Another New Hope

Dudes and Dragons



Pathfinder Podcast, Pathfinder 2e podcast, Starfinder podcast, Star Wars Podcast. 

Apr 27, 2022

After a good night's rest under the protection of the reformed Hell Knight Sir Malbec, played by special guest star David Air, of the candle and the curse, rusty revolver, the farm and poison of grapefruit, our young pathfinders are excited to experience the famed Liberty Day festival of flowers dedicated to the god of...

Jul 14, 2021

In this episode, It’s been three years and Buzz and teenage friends are now young adults, but WTF is going on?  They are now outlaws?  Later, they run into a gruesome enemy in the deep Verduran Forest!.

Loaded Dice Rollers is a real play Pathfinder and Pathfinder e2 Podcast. Similar to  Critical Role, Glass...

May 5, 2021

Extended Season 1 content. Mark Moreland of Paizo has a deep dive discussion with Brett, The Rules God and GM MACLEODS about season 1 and what is happening at Paizo. Get DM tips from the best! Mark explains how he got to work at Paizo and gives some career advice. #paizo, #markmoreland, #gmtips, #dmtips, #gmmacleods,...