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RPG All-Stars - The Loaded Dice Rollers

RPG All-Stars is home to Pathfinder, DnD, Star Wars, and Starfinder real play podcast. 

RPG All-Stars is a conglameration of the best actual play INDY rpg podcast that are all committed to movie quality audio, story, and improv acting. Each Episode is edited by an award winning editor and sound designer.  


Our current shows are:

The Loaded Dice Rollers

TPK, Total Party Kill

Star War's Not Another New Hope

Dudes and Dragons



Pathfinder Podcast, Pathfinder 2e podcast, Starfinder podcast, Star Wars Podcast. 

Jun 8, 2022

Arriving back to Almas and the in-famous medical Institution that Mora was brought to days before, to get treatment, our adventurer’s request to see the head doctor in charge of the facility. As they attempt to get information and find where Mora is being held within the sanitarium, Ren unexpectedly falls ill and is quickly taken away by a nurse to a hidden waiting room. Investigating deeper, Luna and Theros are separated, through a series of odd events, causing each to become disoriented and isolated within the tormented establishment. Seemingly trapped within the psychopathic ward, our young Pathfinders find nothing is as it seems and something very sinister is going on behind closed doors. It will take all of our hero’s strength to get Mora out safely and survive the hidden horrors deep within the madhouse of craziness.