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Jul 6, 2022

We welcome back Pixel Dice Creator Jean Simonet to the game!  

The Adventurers are still in the gnome town of Brastlework located inside the devil nation of Cheliax, which is a huge problem for our paladin!

They reconnecting with Luna and Ren, Theros and Anastasia share the fortunes from the crystal balls, and the hidden clue that might just lead them to the void sphere they’re searching for.

The two gifted Gnomes, Julian, played by special guest star Jean Simonet, AI developer of Fallout 3&4, Skyrim, Aeon Flux and Oblivion, as well as being the creator of Pixel dice (the first electronically augmented dice) and Gravis, the magical fortune teller, played by the Rules God, decide that they will act as the party’s guides and lead them to whispering forest, to meet the entity known as Duality. Ahead of leaving the city, Ren wanders from the group, as they fight after who should be keeping him safe, and is consumed by an unholy darkness. Attempting to once again save him, our group witnesses an event that will change everything and forever leave their very souls broken. As one hero departs to the boneyard and one arrives, truly reborn, a powerful wizard might be the only one who can deliver our hero’s to their final destiny and destroy the Aspis before it tears the world apart.

ABOUT PIXEL DICE These dice are beautiful, flash with siren colour combinations, know your roll, and report that to your virtual tabletop.

It’s not a surprise to see these Pixel doing well, it’s more unusual to see the big computer game sites cover a dice Kickstarter, but I guess the fancy electronics have captured attention. So, let’s see what the internet has been talking about and helped Jean Simonet smash the $200,000 goal. There’s more than $3,500,000 pledged so far, and you’ve still gone three weeks for your willpower to crumble.


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