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Jul 13, 2022

Pathfinder 2e Adventure continues with the Nominated "Best Series" by Gen Con.

This week's guest star is @kbeaufoster! 

Find is Super powers at:

In this episode, our heros continue their journey after helping the Knights of Ozem defeat the two evil devils at the edge of the whispering forest. Finally reaching the rendezvous point, hinted by the Gnome, Gravis Bestical, they encounter the powerful fabled entity known as duality, played by Special Guest Star, Beau Foster, voice actor and tik tok influencer. Learning duality had a premonition of this fateful meeting days ahead of their arrival, along with the warning of the unknown silent horrors within; they agree to have him guide them safely through the ancient woods. Negotiating payment for passage to the unknown destination, seen in the magical crystal balls, they forge forward to face their destiny deep within the silent thicket where “everything wants to kill you and to keep alive you must be deathly silent”.  


Beau Fandubbing  #Naruto, #Smuag the Dragon, #Castlevainia


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